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Season 4 Alternate Endings

Enjoy! At least D&C make some effort to keep the spoilerites honest! Advertisements

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Octagon Global Recruiting

Just prior to the big reveal last night, a commercial aired for Octagon Global Recruiting – (you can view the commercial and register via email). The dates for this DHARMA job fair align with that of Comic Con in … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home, Part 2

Last year it was aptly called the “rattlesnake in the mailbox” (i.e. the moment you realized Jack’s flash was forward, not back, and that yes, they really did get off the Island) and this year it is being called “the … Continue reading

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All Things "Lost" – Hype Heading Into Tomorrow's Finale

I will do my best today (and tomorrow in the pre-EP post) to avoid the elephant in the room (i.e. the ridiculous number of significant plot spoilers already leaked for tomorrow’s finale) and stick to what I consider to be … Continue reading

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There’s No Place Like Home, Part 1

Lost’s two part, three hour season finale begins tonight, and if last week was any indication, then the final 3 hours of Lost this season are going to be incredible. We get one hour tonight, followed by a two week … Continue reading

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Cabin Fever

Spoiler Warning Locke, Hurley and Ben continue their quest for Jacob’s cabin tonight – and we will be introduced to a new character as they draw closer. Also, we’ll see what Michael has been up to since Sayid handed him … Continue reading

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The Whisperers Theory

Sent in by the always insightful poster Hammer, he explains his theory on the whispers and we posted his unedited thoughts below. Thanks, Hammer. As most of you are already aware there are whispers that are often heard when apparitions … Continue reading

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