Comic Con Recap – Aftermath

New DHARMA Initiative Video (Thanks to

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Carlton Cuse/Damon Lindelof/Matthew Fox Panel Recap:

*Jin & Locke will both play significant roles in the show and there is a lot of story still left to be told for each character
*We will see Rousseau’s story this year – not necessarily a flash back – and there was further mention of different story-telling device to be used this year rather than flash forwards or flash backs; I’m having a hard time figuring out what that could mean…
*Kate will eventually see Sawyer again – and the love triangle still has quite a bit left in terms of figuring out who Kate ultimately ends up with
*We will not know when and where we are when Season 5 begins in February. The season will take place both on and off Island, in various times.

Based on what I can tell, much of Comic Con (and obviously part of the DHARMA video) is being used to launch the new ARG – right now this website,, is consistently being updated with a new image continually that should ultimately make out the sketch of a DHARMA logo – look closely for the dots. This should be the primary site (or at least the kick-off point) for the new ARG.

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  1. Circus Mom says:

    I think we will still be junping around in time but it won’t be presented in the same way. Previously if we were seeing a story about Jack we would see flashbacks about him to explain things about him that affected his behavior on the island “now.”

    I think that everything we see from this point will be presented as “now”. Flashbacks were presented as history and basically unchangable. When we go back in time to another “now” things can be changed and affected by our charactors actions. They may even have “memories” of the “future” during these scenes.

    Any other thoughts or ideas?

  2. Hammer says:


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  3. Drew Douglas says:

    This sounds incredible! The stuff about how they are going to tell the season sounds amazing as well as the Kate/Sawyer/Jack romance.

    Just give me some news about what Desmond will be up to!

  4. joe says:

    yes, i agree – on and off-island will both be presented as ‘now,’ but i think that comic-con video hints that farraday is transported to the past. i’m guessing we see the island’s past through the ‘now’ lens of farraday’s perspective.

    so the show will still be jumping between past, present, and future, but all three places will also be ‘now.’

    that is damn brilliant.

  5. Lost Chicka says:

    if there are no flashbacks, how would jin be on it?
    i love jin so i am esctatic that he is still going to be on.
    finally danielle’s story! i love that crazy french chick and i want to find out if she’s been telling the truth.
    sawyer and kate will end up together. it is my firm belief that i will get the ending i want!

  6. Robert Feldman says:

    There was mention of the back stories of Rosseua, Farrady, etc, I don’t think it makes sense that it can not be Flash Foward or Flashbacks…On and off the island are at different times, but back stories, especially for rosseau whos dead, it has to be a flash back.

  7. KristenG. says:

    nooooo! sawyer needs to be with me! NOT KATE grrrr!

  8. KristenG. says:

    nooooo! sawyer needs to be with me! NOT KATE grrrr! she has jack already . back off my bf sawyer!

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