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The Variable

The title of tonight’s episode pays homage to and provides reference to one of the best from last season that featured Desmond, “The Constant”. Perhaps tonight we’ll learn what makes Desmond so different/special. Looks like it will be non-stop drama … Continue reading

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The Story of the Oceanic Six

With what essentially represents a one week hiatus, tonight we get a Season 5 (and general Lost) recap with The Story of the Oceanic Six. It will be all downhill from here given where the show left off last week … Continue reading

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Some Like It Hoth

When an episode title of Lost references Star Wars, we should obviously expect to be in for a treat. Doc Jensen of Entertainment Weekly posted a good article on this week’s episode and specifically how the title could relate to, … Continue reading

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Dead Is Dead

Given the conclusion of last week’s episode (the Locke “I’m back from the dead moment” as Ben wakes up) and the cryptic title of this episode, I cannot help but think of the irony of the situation. If Lost has … Continue reading

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Whatever Happened, Happened

What a cliffhanger from last week – show of hands from everyone who thinks Ben is dead or is going to die (no hands, crickets chirping, etc.)? There are two lines of thought here – one that Sayid did manage … Continue reading

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