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Last week we were left with the thought that one of the survivors of Flight 815, specifically those that Jacob had been in contact with, was recruited to replace Jacob as “protector” of the Island.  Evil Locke advised Sawyer of three options: … Continue reading

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The Substitute

Last week ended with the re-emergence of Claire, and at this point it’s difficult to determine what direction/role her character may take.  Jack was told that she experienced some type of infection, comparable to what Sayid is now said to be suffering … Continue reading

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What Kate Does

The premiere from last week proved to perpetuate the same theme that most Lost season-starters have done in years past – provide half-answers to a few questions and create a ton of new ones. It would seem this season will … Continue reading

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Lost – The Final Season, “LA X”

The premiere of Lost tonight, in its 6th and final season, includes three hours of entertainment beginning at 8 PM EST.  Hour 1 will effectively be a recap, the kind that we have grown accustomed to over the years, to … Continue reading

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