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What They Died For

After last week’s ‘break’ episode, which I personally enjoyed, I am very much looking forward to getting back to our Losties’ in action. Synopsis Locke devises a new strategy; Jack’s group searches for Desmond. Episode Preview Advertisements

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Across The Sea

After what was arguably the best episode of this season, tonight we get the backstory on MIB and Jacob, and with that hopefully answers to some of the lingering questions as we enter the final stretch of the series over … Continue reading

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The Candidate

Last week gave us a number of reunions – Jack and Claire in the alternate timeline, and most notably Sun and Jin (finally) on Island. The storyline was advanced in a number of ways, including Jack’s initial cognizant interaction with … Continue reading

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Al Trautwig's 'Lost' Thoughts

I know many of you may already be watching these weekly videos from Al Trautwig on, but I’ve been meaning to finally post a link for those who have not. I have not watched them all myself, but enjoyed … Continue reading

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The Little Prince

After last week’s cliff hanger with Charlotte near-death, tonight we shift back off-Island and will see more of the Oceanic 6 – most would speculate the title of this episode would refer to Aaron, but I’m not so sure. It … Continue reading

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Live Together, Die Alone

There is not much time left now, the season finale of Lost season 2 airs in about 3 hours. This is the official description of the Lost episode “Live Together, Die Alone”: After discovering something odd just offshore, Jack and … Continue reading

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A new site related to the Lost experience has surfaced – The link appeared to the left of the RSS button on the Hanso Foundation site today so it is officially part of the experience. Several openings at Hanso … Continue reading

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