• Name: Boone Carlyle
  • Lived in: Malibu, CA
  • Profession: Works in his mother’s international company
  • Played by: Ian Somerhalder

On the Island

Boone is Shannon’s stepbrother. He is over-protective over her, but his interest in her goes largely rebuffed. He becomes Locke’s sidekick as they explore the island together, and are the first two to come upon the hatch, which they hide from the rest. In his desire to play the role of hero, he climbs into a small plane they find one day, but ends up getting killed as the plane falls out of the treetops with him in it.


Originally from New York, he now resides in California. Estranged from stepsister Shannon, he lives as the wealthy young benefactor of his mother’s wedding business. He and Shannon have not had much of a relationship in past years, aside from his occasional attempts to bail her out financially, or bribe abusive lovers to leave her alone (which turned out to be a scam she ran). Secretly, he had had a crush on her for years, which was consummated shortly before they were stranded on the island (though it may have been just another way for Shannon to use him).

Reason for being on the Flight

Boone and Shannon were returning from Australia, where she had been left and swindled by her most recent lover.


  • Jack: Jack fails to save Adam Rutherford (his stepfather) by triaging the woman who would be his future wife first.
  • Sawyer: Shared a scene in a Sydney police station (Sawyer was getting arrested & deported; Boone was looking for his sister).
  • Shannon: Stepsiblings (and former lovers)

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