• Name: Charlie Pace
  • Lived in: Manchester
  • Profession: Bassist for the rock band Drive Shaft
  • Played by: Dominic Monaghan

On the Island

Charlie is an affable young man and former musician. He appears to be falling for Claire, and wants to be a part of her and her baby’s life. But things are complicated, as he does not appear to have kicked his drug habit, and heroin is readily available from a drug plane stash that is also stranded with them. Additionally, he also struggles with a dark side of wanting vengeance, which resulted in the shooting of Ethan (out of revenge for kidnapping himself and Claire) before anyone could interrogate him.


Charlie is originally from Manchester, England, though he spent some time in London as well. He was the bassist for the band DriveShaft, with his brother Liam being lead singer. After their one-hit-wonder in the 90’s, Liam left to devote greater time to his family, and the band broke up. Charlie has since then mostly been a drifter and heroin drug addict, though he had a short encounter with a well-off girl named Lucy, that convinced him he wanted another life.

Reason for being on the Flight

Charlie was on his way to Los Angeles to start a comeback tour with his band Drive Shaft.


  • Hurley: Stayed in the same hotel the night before takeoff (shared brief scene in elevator).

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