• Name: Claire Littleton
  • Lived in: Sydney, Australia
  • Profession: Worked at “Fish N’ Fry”
  • Played by: Emilie de Ravin

On the Island

Poor Claire had the unfortunate luck of being 8 months pregnant and stranded on an island with few resources. With the help of her friends, she was doing well until she was kidnapped by The Others, led by Ethan. They drugged her, and injected something in her belly (with plans to take her baby by C-section), but she was fortunately able to escape. She has since given birth to a baby boy named Aaron.


Claire is from Sydney, Australia. After her boyfriend Thomas left her, she was a single mother who struggled with her decision to keep the unplanned baby. She was going to give it away for adoption, but the mysterious words of a psychic made her think again. He convinced her that great harm would come to the baby unless she raised it herself, but changed his mind and then convinced her to give it away to a couple in Los Angeles that he said he just found as the only “safe option”.

Reason for being on the Flight

She was on her way to L.A. to give her child away.


  • None at the moment

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