• Name: Hugo “Hurley” Reyes
  • Lived in: Los Angeles
  • Profession: Owns a box company and a sneaker factory
  • Played by: Jorge Garcia

On the Island

Hurley is the heavyset, good-humored “average Joe” on the island. He is always around for comic relief, but has a darker side that is obsessed with the idea that “the numbers are cursed”. He has a crush on Libby.


Hurley is from Southern California, where he lived with his mother. He was admitted in the past to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute, where he met a man named Leonard Sims, who gave him The Numbers. After his release, he worked at a fast food restaurant named Mr. Cluck’s and was infatuated with a girl named Starla. He decided to play The Numbers in the lottery, and ended up winning a $114 million dollar jackpot. Despite being a millionaire, he became convinced that he was cursed after his grandfather died of heart attack, he was falsely arrested, and a series of other unfortunate events befell him.

Reason for being on the Flight

He was on a return trip from Australia, after seeking a man named Sam Toomey who knew the origin of the numbers (his widow told Hurley that Sam and Leonard had heard them transmitted in the South Pacific when they were both Navy sailors).


  • Charlie: Stayed in the same hotel the night before takeoff (shared brief scene in elevator).
  • Jin: Hurley’s lottery story was on the TV when Jin entered the house to “reprimand” the government official.
  • Locke: Had the same boss (Randy); Connections to the same box company (Locke was employee; Hurley was the owner); Also, Locke’s mother was admitted to Santa Rosa Mental Institute in ’92 & ’95 for schizophrenia, the same hospital Hurley was institutionalized and found “the numbers”.

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