• Name: Dr. Jack Shepard
  • Lived in: Los Angeles
  • Profession: Spinal Surgeon
  • Played by: Matthew Fox

On the Island

Jack is the sole doctor of the castaway group. In addition to his medical knowledge, his abilities to coordinate and make decisions have made him a leader of the survivors, though initially it was a role he took on with reluctance. He is a science-bound individual, who believes only in that which can be scientifically explained, though he is at heart a cross between a cynic and an idealist. He also has had some flirtatious run-ins with Kate & Ana-Lucia in the past.


Jack is from Los Angeles, CA. He works as a neurosurgeon at St. Sebastian’s Hospital. He was once married to Sarah, a former patient he saved and then fell in love with, but is now divorced from. His father, Christian Shepherd, was chief neurosurgeon at the same hospital, until Jack turned him in for botching a surgery because he was under the influence of alcohol. Christian had run away to Australia as a result, and Jack went to find him and bring him home; only to discover that he died of a heart attack before the two could resolve their issues.

Reason for being on the Flight

Jack’s trip back was supposed to be the grim task of bringing back Christian’s body for the funeral, in the hope of forming some sort of closure.


  • Ana Lucia: Shared a drink at the Sydney airport & flirted
  • Boone: Jack fails to save Adam Rutherford (his stepfather) by triaging the woman who would be his future wife first.
  • Desmond: Met once in while running in an LA stadium, after Jack’s frustration with surgery (the “see you in the next life” line).
  • Sawyer: Christian Shepherd met Sawyer in a Sydney bar shortly before his death.
  • Shannon: Jack fails to save Adam Rutherford (her father) by triaging the woman who would be his future wife first.

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