• Name: John Locke
  • Lived in: Tustin, CA
  • Profession: Regional collections supervisor for a box company
  • Played by: Terry O’Quinn

On the Island

A former wheelchair-bound paraplegic, Locke miraculously regained the ability to walk shortly after awaking on the island. As a result, he has great faith that the island can perform miracles, and that if the castaways find the secrets, it will only benefit them all. He is a skilled hunter and outdoorsman, though most recently, has been darkly obsessed with the hatch. He has some ideological conflicts with Jack as a result.


Locke has formerly worked as a toy store employee and regional collections supervisor for a box company. His mother, Emily Annabeth Locke, is an eccentric schizophrenic, formerly institutionalized at Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. She once led him to his father, Anthony Cooper, who pretended to want the father-son relationship Locke always dreamed of, only to want nothing to do with him after Locke donated a kidney to his father. Locke was once romantically tied with a woman named Helen, whom he met in a support group for anger management.

Reason for being on the Flight

Locke had gone to Australia to participate in a outdoorsman-adventure called “Walkabout” where he hoped to prove himself, but was rejected by the program once they found out about his handicap. This was the return flight.


  • Hurley: They both had the same boss (Randy); Connections to the same box company (Locke was employee; Hurley was the owner); Also, Locke’s mother was admitted to Santa Rosa Mental Institute in ’92 & ’95 for schizophrenia, the same hospital Hurley was institutionalized and found “the numbers”.

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