• Name: James “Sawyer” Ford
  • Lived in: Knoxville, TN
  • Profession: Confidence man
  • Played by: Josh Holloway

On the Island

Sawyer is a tough redneck on the surface, but he is more than meets the eye. He knows how to take advantage of a situation—as the island “hoarder”, he has taken possession of most of the unclaimed goods scavenged from the plane, and has built up a little island black market as a result. Far from being the dumb hick that he likes to portray, he is an avid reader of books, and every bit as much of a slick lady’s man now as he was before—with his closest love interest on the island being Kate.


He grew up in Tennessee and had a rough childhood, where he witnessed his father kill his mother and then commit suicide; after a conman conned her out of all their money. He has since given up his birth name of “John Ford”, and taken on the name “Sawyer”, the name of the conman who ruined his life and whom he has made it his life’s mission to seek vengeance against. Ironically, he takes on Sawyer’s identity as well, becoming a professional conman.

Sawyer was once romantically tied to a girl named Cassidy, whom he pulled a “long con” on, and may have later regretted losing. Another past deed that haunts him is that he went to Australia to kill a man named Frank Duckett, whom he believes was the original Sawyer; but soon learned was the wrong man.

Reason for being on the Flight

He was being deported back to America by the local police, who were fed up with his petty crimes (was never caught for the murder).


  • Boone: Shared a scene in a Sydney police station (Sawyer was getting arrested & deported; Boone was looking for his sister).
  • Jack: Christian Shephard, Jack’s father, met Sawyer in a Sydney bar shortly before his death.
  • Kate: Sawyer came into the diner where Kate’s mother worked, shortly after Kate left, and met her mother briefly.

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