• Name: Sayid Jarrah
  • Lived in: Tikrit, Iraq
  • Profession: Former communications officer in the Iraqi Republican Guard
  • Played by: Naveen Andrews

On the Island

Sayid, with his military background and skill in electronics and math, makes a formidable technician on the island. Because of his past as a torturer, he also has a dark side, as the enforcer of laws and extractor of truth from “those who don’t cooperate”. He was Shannon’s lover before her death.


Sayid is from Tikrit, Iraq. He was a Communications Officer for the Iraqi Republican Guard in the first Gulf War. After being captured by the Americans, he was manipulated into being their interrogator and torturer, a trade that he continued when he returned to work for the Republican Guard. After meeting a girl from his past named Nadia as a prisoner he was to torture, he falls in love with her, and helps her escape. Sayid has spent the rest of his days trying to find her, and was used in a trap by the C.I.A. to help foil an Australian terrorist ring, in exchange for information on her. An old college friend of his (Esam) was tripped up in a suicide bomb plan, and ended up committing suicide when he realized he was used, something which has haunted Sayid to this day.

Reason for being on the Flight

He was on a return trip to bring back Esam’s body for burial, and also to find Nadia.


  • Kate: Sayid’s story was on the TV when Kate went to the recruitment office to look for her step-father; her step-father was involved in his capture & “recruitment” in Iraq (her step-father took out a childhood photo of her).
  • Shannon:Sayid asked Shannon to look after his bag at the airport.

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