• Name: Shannon Rutherford
  • Lived in: Malibu, CA
  • Profession: None
  • Played by: Maggie Grace

On the Island

Shannon, is a beautiful, spoiled girl who is used to being taken care of. When she sees that they are not going to be rescued as soon as she hopes, she strives to prove some independence from her stepbrother Boone. It leads her to form a romantic bond with Sayid. After Boone dies in the accident, she falls into dark thoughts and desires revenge on Locke, who she blames for his death. After seeing a strange “image” of Walt (who had already been kidnapped), she runs into the jungle and is accidentally shot to death by Ana-Lucia.


She is originally from California. A turning point in her life was when her father, Adam Rutherford, was killed in a car accident (and went to St Sebastian’s, where Jack was working). She was left an orphan with almost no money left to her by her stepmother, and became an opportunist who lived off of men who treated her well. Tricked Boone into coming to Australia to “rescue” her, and ended up having a one night stand with him.

Reason for being on the Flight

The two were returning from Australia, where Shannon had been left and swindled by her most recent lover.


  • Jack: Jack fails to save Adam Rutherford (Shannons father) by triaging the woman who would be Jack’s future wife first.
  • Boone: Stepsiblings (and former lovers)
  • Sayid:Sayid asked Shannon to look after his bag at the airport.

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