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The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

Pretty clear from the title and the preview last week what this episode is going to be about – John Locke and his short life as one Jeremy Bentham. It goes without saying that this is probably one of the … Continue reading

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Tonight is all about learning how exactly the Oceanic 6 can/will get back to the Island. At the conclusion of last week’s episode, you will recall a couple of things happening: Jack, Desmond, Sun and Ben met with Eloise Hawking … Continue reading

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This Place is Death

Now that we know Jin is indeed alive, what will we find out this week about how he has experienced the time skipping while floating around in the ocean? Interestingly enough, he must have stayed within the perimeter of the … Continue reading

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The Little Prince

After last week’s cliff hanger with Charlotte near-death, tonight we shift back off-Island and will see more of the Oceanic 6 – most would speculate the title of this episode would refer to Aaron, but I’m not so sure. It … Continue reading

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