• Name: Michael Dawson
  • Lived in: New York
  • Profession: Construction worker / Artist
  • Played by: Harold Perrineau

On the Island

Michael is at times a sour guy, but he is having a tough time rebuilding a relationship with Walt, his estranged son. He was the primary builder of the raft, after attempts to communicate with the outside world failed, and took off on it with Walt, Jin and Sawyer. However, the raft was destroyed, and Walt taken, after a bad encounter with The Others at sea. Since reconnecting with the main group of castaways, his life has revolved around getting Walt back. It led him to run off by himself into the jungle to look for him.


Michael is originally from New York, NY, where he worked in construction, but was pursuing a career as an artist. He was formerly lovers with Susan, Walt’s mom, until she wanted to pursue her own career in international law and took Walt with her to Europe. Michael continued to seek a relationship with his son, though this was not what Susan wanted, since they were now living in Australia with her new husband Brian Porter. However, after she passed away from a blood disorder, the stepfather did not want to have much to do with the boy, and Michael had the chance to step in as a father again.

Reason for being on the Flight

Michael was picking up Walt to live with him in the U.S. again.


  • Walt: Michael is Walt’s father

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