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They were the carriers

Remember when we first met Danielle Rousseau in the Lost season 1 episode “Solitary”? We all thought that she was crazy, but what if we were wrong… Rousseau: “We were part of a science team… Our vessel was three days … Continue reading

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UK Lost Petition

As we’ve previously reported, Lost Season 3 will be shown on Sky instead of Channel 4 in the United Kingdom. Since this will prevent those UK fans without Sky to watch the show, a petition has been started. I contacted … Continue reading

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Matthew Fox likes The Others

Matthew Fox, Lost’s Jack, recently spoke to about the new movies he is starring in and how he feels about Jack living in captivity with The Others. “I understand the audience missing some of those other dynamics, but the … Continue reading

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Official LOST Podcast October 30, 2006

The latest official Lost podcast was just released. Listen to the podcast or read the description: Lost Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse discuss last week’s episode “Every Man for Himself”, preview “The Cost of Living” (11/1/06) and take … Continue reading

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Meet Jorge and Burky in New York

Here is your chance to meet LOST TV star Jorge Garcia (“Hurley”), Todd McFarlane and LOST executive producer Bryan Burk. Be among the first to purchase McFarlane Toys’ new action figures based on the ABC TV smash hit, and you … Continue reading

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The competition ends soon

The deadline for our Lost Theory Competition draws near. At the time of writing this we have received under 20 theories so there is still a good chance to win. If you haven’t submitted yet, write a theory and send … Continue reading

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Prophets and Martyrs, Revisited.

Back in “The Whole Truth” (which seems like ages now), before we knew Ben’s name or much about his true identity, he read a quote from The Brothers Karamazov, a classic Dostoevsky novel about redemption: GALE: “Men reject their prophets … Continue reading

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