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He’s Our You

He’s Our You will be a Sayid-centric episode (about time) and should prove to be quite interesting. With Sawyer in control and “thinking” about what to do next, I do not expect Sayid to wait around too long in his … Continue reading

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Al Trautwig's 'Lost' Thoughts

I know many of you may already be watching these weekly videos from Al Trautwig on, but I’ve been meaning to finally post a link for those who have not. I have not watched them all myself, but enjoyed … Continue reading

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Spiral Time theory

A reader sent in this interesting theory that Will and I thought warranted a post. I have posted the full text of the email below. Namaste! I have been following the Lost Blog for a couple of years now and … Continue reading

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Back, after our one week hiatus, and what should prove to be a rather interesting episode given where we left off at the conclusion of LaFleur. Is three years really enough time to get over someone – Sawyer may live … Continue reading

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Craziness – crazy that we are already at the mid-point of Season 5! And even more crazy that I think the questions in my head far outnumber the answers we have left to (hopefully) get over the last season and … Continue reading

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