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HansoFoundation MFI Page & SubLYMONal Updates

Possible Spoilers New updates, webmazer fans! Well, quite a few, actually. On, the MFI page has now changed. Now if you click the logo, an interactive map pops up. These have facts about the countries they are pointing to. … Continue reading

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What do you miss on The Lost Blog?

During the summer I will be tweaking, redesigning and adding content to The Lost Blog to make the site look and feel even better when season 3 starts. This is your chance to change things. What features are you missing … Continue reading

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Official LOST Podcast May 26, 2006

The last official Lost podcast for this season of Lost was recently released. Description: Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse recap the season finale, “Live Together, Die Alone” (5/24/06). Listen to The Official Lost Podcast.

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Lost Producers Talk About Season 3

According to Sci Fi Wire, Lost producers Carlton Cuse and Bryan Burk recently talked a bit about the next season of Lost. “The Others are an important part of season three, and there’s a lot of mysteries and a lot … Continue reading

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Video of Hugh McIntyre Interview

Like we reported yesterday, Hugh McIntyre, the “fictional” Director of Communications of The Hanso Foundation was interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Lost season finale yesterday. If you missed the interview or want to take a second look, i’ve … Continue reading

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Live Together, Die Alone

There is not much time left now, the season finale of Lost season 2 airs in about 3 hours. This is the official description of the Lost episode “Live Together, Die Alone”: After discovering something odd just offshore, Jack and … Continue reading

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A new site related to the Lost experience has surfaced – The link appeared to the left of the RSS button on the Hanso Foundation site today so it is officially part of the experience. Several openings at Hanso … Continue reading

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