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Oceanic Airlines – Flights Resume Monday?!?

I am sure by now most of you have seen this, but I thought I would post it here to stir up some conversation. This video was released/posted yesterday, seems to be legit from ABC and has created a lot … Continue reading

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Lost Missing Pieces #8: "Buried Secrets"

In this particular mobisode, we get a little more Michael & Sun interaction, further blurring the lines associated with the question of “Did they or didn’t they?”. In case you have not seen it: "Missing Pieces" Number 8 – … Continue reading

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Lost News Update – 12/22/2007

*The extend Season 4 Trailer hit the web this week: Pretty awesome… On the surface it seems that Season 4 could be the best yet. Obviously it will be interesting to see who stays and who leaves, and the continual … Continue reading

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Lost Missing Pieces #7: "Arzt and Crafts"

Video Courtesy of DarkUFO tvspoilers101 This definitely contained many more characters than the previous episodes we have seen thus far (Hurley, Jin, Sun, Michael, Dr. Arzt), but aside from comic relief, I’m not really sure what to take from … Continue reading

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Lost News Update – December 13th, 2007

Finally, a week where we have some interesting things to discuss! *Season 4 Trailer – DarkUFO broke this originally, but if you have yet to see the trailer, here it is: *Season 3 DVD Release – The Washington Post had … Continue reading

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Lost Missing Pieces #6: "Room 23"

In the sixth installment, we get a glimpse of a conversation between Juliet and Ben, regarding Walt, who is obviously being held in Room 23. The dialogue here is fascinating, because you can definitely get a sense that the majority … Continue reading

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Lost Missing Pieces #5: "Operation Sleeper"

Operation Sleeper features Jack & Juliet, and more specifically the conversation where Juliet informs Jack that she is still working with/for Ben. In terms of an episodic timeline, this would have occurred between D.O.C and The Brig, and it is … Continue reading

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